Run Lola Run/The Bays

Run Lola Run featuring a live soundtrack by The Bays

Lola has 10 minutes to come with 100,000 marks and save her hapless boyfriend from his gangster nemesis. Tom Twyker’s BAFTA- nominated movie Run Lola Run (1998) plays fast and loose with cause and effect as Lola hurtles her way across the city on a three-way collision course with fate.
The film’s original soundtrack- alloyed to Twyker’s quicksilver editing- was the pulsing heartbeat of Lola’s frantic race against time. Tracing out three different plot lines to radically different conclusions the film was hailed as the first movie made for the computer gaming generation. Opening the 2007 Brighton Festival (3,000 people for two sell out performances), the only other main performance was on the waterfront in the harbour for the Sydney Festival in 2008 the Bays perform a live improvised soundtrack to the cult classic including a cameo role for Mari Wilson.
The Bays have recently taken a lengthy hiatus because drummer Andy Gangadeen took a step away to become the powerhouse behind Chase and Status’s live sets. The band includes other busy musicians; counting Simon ‘Palmskin’  Richmond and Jimpster’s Jamie  Odell. The Bays will only play a handful of shows this summer around a performance of Run Lola Run for the Celebrate Brooklyn Festival.They don’t make records. They don’t rehearse. For The Bays, performance is the product. What they do is make exhilarating music, seamlessly segueing hip hop, drum ‘n’ bass and ambient groves, love, in the moment and without safety nets!Start the clocks, hit the blocks and prepare for a thrilling audiovisual ride…
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